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Airbus A330 (RR Trent 7000) Cat. B1/B2 Practical

Course ID: T3303085


On completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Operate the aircraft systems in all modes and functions with respect to safety rules and other precautions
  • Service and repair the aircraft systems in accordance with the maintenance procedures to the level required by Part-66
  • Troubleshoot and isolate failures to specific LRU to the level  as required by Part-66
  • Locate and replace major components and LRUs
  • Perform system, engine, component and functional check as specified in maintenance manual

The students should have the following prerequisites:

  •  AML license or basic training for Part-66 B1 and/or B2
  •  A330 (Any Engine) Cat. B1 and/or B2 Part 66 license or equivalent training
  •   Completed Airbus A330 (RR Trent 7000) Cat B1 and/or B2 Theory Course, red. from (Any Engine) 
Running Assessment will be perfomed during the training and will result in "passed" or "not passed"
15 Days Day(s)
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