Course Definition


Borescope RR Trent 7000 reduced from RR Trent 700 or RR Trent XWB

Course ID: TNTT4066r1


On completion of this course, the student will know:

  • the reason for borescope inspection
  • the types of inspections
  • the typical inspection areas
  • the typical borescope access locations
  • about borescope inspection guide
  • know how to use the required borescope equipment.

Oncompletion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Perform aborescope inspection of the engine.
  • Evaluate the result of theinspection and condition of the engine as well as any damage in accordance with the AMM and approved maintenance data.

The students attending the course should have the following prerequisites:

  • Power plant training (minimum level 2) for the RR Trent 7000 engine
  • Borescope training on RR Trent 700 or RR Trent XWB
Running Assessment will be perfomed during the training and will result in "passed" or "not passed"
1 day Day(s)
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